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FUTURUM Magazine Franchise

Project Brief

The FUTURUM PLATFORM public institution is excited to present an exclusive commercial offer, introducing a franchise opportunity for global dissemination of the international electronic interactive monthly magazine "FUTURUM" and its subscription-based news feeds in areas such as artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, robotics & IoT, and high technologies. This offer is aimed at entrepreneurs and NGOs in various countries, driven by public interest to promote computer and digital literacy among the population and to enhance awareness of cutting edge digital technologies.

Key Aspects of the Offer:

Monthly Magazine Publication: Acquire a franchise license with the right to publish the monthly issue of FUTURUM in English, translated into your country's language. The magazine encompasses leading-edge information, global digital era news, special articles, and exclusive materials with high-quality design.

Content Localization: Opportunity to use up to 80% of the ready monthly content for creating your own regional publication, adding 20% of content relevant to your country, along with 30% advertising space.

Support and Promotion: The development, support, and promotion of the magazine are undertaken by the European publishing house Hi-Tech Inovace on a unified digital platform using digital publishing tools and AI.

Monetization and Global Distribution: A unique opportunity for content monetization on leading digital platforms, global distribution, personalized landing pages, comprehensive marketing, and CRM tools.

Device Adaptability: Convert and support all electronic formats of the magazine, including e-books, adapted for reading on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, ensuring easy access for a wide audience. Our audience analysis shows that more than 60% of readers use mobile gadgets for reading.

Franchisee Benefits:

Influence and Reputation: Become part of a global initiative to promote digital literacy, gaining recognition and respect in your region as a driving force and leader in the field of advanced information technologies. The franchise allows you to list your editorial staff and/or publisher in your country.

Ready Business Model: The offer includes a ready-to-implement business model with proven tools and support at all stages, from development to promotion and monetization.

Business Expansion: Opens new opportunities for expanding your business and integrating with global digital platforms and communities, AI tools, the digital community, decentralized economic and cryptocurrency spaces.

Marketing and Advertising Opportunities: You become a prestigious platform in your country and internationally for advertising agencies or create your own advertising agency with great opportunities for advertising and promoting digital brands, companies, AI and neural networks, cryptocurrencies, educational platforms, freelancers, including service platforms, and job/vacancy sites in the most advanced and mass sphere of the modern world.

This offer is designed for those eager to make a significant contribution to education and societal development, to increase the level of awareness and competence in the field of the latest technologies. It is perfectly suited for those looking for innovative business models and ways to influence the informational and educational environment, as well as those wishing to expand their commercial horizons by offering high-quality and relevant content.

Key Features and Offers:

Personalization and Branding: We create a unique digital product, fully adaptable for multiplication in any country, achieving both international and national identity and recognition in the digital space.

Analytics and Reporting: Gain access to deep audience analysis and statistical reports within our digital publishing, measuring the effectiveness of your content and optimizing future publications for better engagement in your country.

Integrated Marketing Tools: Utilize advanced marketing and CRM tools from our digital publishing to manage subscriptions, newsletters, and audience interaction, increasing reach and loyalty not only among residents but also nationals abroad in their native language.

Scalability and Global Access: Your publication will be globally available, offering a unique opportunity to impact an international audience and expand your influence beyond regional borders. The magazine entails expanding its interactive formats, special editions, weekly subscription news feeds, corporate white papers, and case studies, also published in all electronic formats both domestically and worldwide in any language.

Your Advantages:

High Monetization: Thanks to a thoughtful monetization model and access to both domestic and international audiences, you will receive significant income from subscription sales, advertising, and sponsored publications.

Innovative Product: Offer your audience unique and high-quality content that matches the most current trends in the digital world.

Support and Development: Receive ongoing support from the FUTURUM PLATFORM team and access to the latest innovations and updates of our publishing digital platform, Hi-Tech Inovace, ensuring the dynamic development of your project.

We invite you to join our initiative and step into the future with us, providing society access to quality and influential content. This is your chance to become part of a global movement to promote digital literacy and use the power of innovation to create a sustainable and prosperous future.

Join Us:

For more information and to start cooperation, please contact us at Together, we can create something truly significant and influential in the digital era.
Regards, Alex Schmidt

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