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Musical platform

Unlock Your Musical Potential with Our Comprehensive Services. From Composition to Promotion, We've Got Your Music Covered!

Project Brief

We will create a musical composition or song for you in any genre, transferring the copyrights to you. We will process or arrange your work, place it under an agency agreement on leading platforms worldwide, and promote your product for monetization.

Individually for young and talented individuals, we will create a music label, direction of creativity, portfolio, repertoire, YouTube and social media channels, television-radio rotation, mass media advertising, concert activities, etc. Agreement with the producer center Francy’s Lab (Germany).

Promotion and monetization of your creativity and existing channels under an agency agreement, capitalization of success, timely payments of your income anywhere in the world.

We create according to your idea or accept for processing, translation into foreign languages, and distribution with monetization your audio files: radio plays, novellas, and stories.

How we can be helpful to beginners:


Digital distribution

Expand Your Reach Digitally. We specialize in digital distribution strategies to ensure your content reaches the widest audience possible.


Advertising integrations

Enhance Your Visibility. Our advertising integration solutions seamlessly blend your brand into the digital landscape for maximum exposure.


Music synchronization

Sync Your Sound with Success. Let us synchronize your music with visuals to create impactful experiences across various media platforms.


Artist participation in filming

Bring Your Vision to Life. Collaborate with us to bring artists into your film projects, adding depth and authenticity to your storytelling.


Selling the right to use the artist's image

Unlock Artistic Potential. We facilitate the sale of rights to use artists' images, empowering you to create captivating visuals.


Copyright societies

Protect Your Creativity. Partner with us to navigate copyright societies and safeguard your intellectual property in the digital realm.


Video greetings

Personalize Your Message. Transform ordinary greetings into memorable experiences with our custom video greeting solutions.



Extend Your Brand Presence. From apparel to accessories, we help you create merchandise that reflects your brand's identity and engages your audience.



Fuel Your Vision. Harness the power of crowdfunding to bring your projects to life, turning dreams into reality with our strategic support.

We will arrange studio recordings of the performer's repertoire in the European Union with music videos and digital processing know-how.


WorldStage: The Ultimate Global Talent Showcase

A global television show is being prepared involving representatives from over 70 countries with interactive voting and a special reality channel on YouTube starting from 2025. Show genres include singers, dancers, and artists of original genre. Applications for participation with resumes and materials for pre-selection can be sent to the email Seize your opportunity!

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