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"Welcome to Hi-TECH Innovation - Your Path to Digital Publishing and Promotion."

Publishing platform

Publishing platform

Amazon sells more e-books than printed books. You can sell e-books too! We format, edit, translate, and convert books to audiobooks. Earn income worldwide. Contact us for professional services! NEW: Sell rights for film/TV adaptations.

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Musical platform

Musical platform

Create songs in any genre, transfer copyrights. Process, promote on platforms globally. Form music label, portfolio, media channels. Partner with Francy’s Lab. Monetize creativity, ensure global income. Process, translate, distribute audio content.

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We are ready to assist you in digitising, creating, designing, and promoting all types of digital products.

Maximize the reach of your electronic and print products with our tailored promotion services. Elevate your digital and physical publications to new audiences.

Boost the visibility of your videos and animations with our strategic promotion services. Increase engagement and reach wider audiences with captivating content.

Amplify the exposure of your musical works with our targeted promotion services. Showcase your talent and expand your audience base with effective marketing strategies.

Enhance the visibility of your presentations and catalogs with our specialized promotion services. Drive traffic and generate interest in your products or ideas.

Expand the readership of your magazines and blogs with our comprehensive promotion services. Increase subscribers and drive traffic to your digital content.

Promote your gift and anniversary products effectively with our dedicated services. Reach potential buyers and increase sales with strategic marketing campaigns.

Share and preserve your family stories with our tailored promotion services. Connect with your target audience and keep your family legacy alive.

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